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Lem in Bezalel

The Ani-Nation animation festival held at the Jerusalem Cinematheque will include awards to students of the Bezalel Academy of Art for their films, which were produced on the basis of works by the famous Jewish-Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem

On Friday, November 18, we will take part at the Ani-Nation festival held at Jerusalem Cinematheque.

The event will include a ceremony during which awards will be given to the students of the Screen Based Arts dept for movies produced based on works by famous Polish-Jewish

science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem.

Before the event, we held an international conference which dealt with the works of the Polish sci-fi genius, held in the Bezalel Academy of Art and design which enabled the

audience to learn about the author and his massive impact on the world of culture and cinema.

All these things were accomplished as part of the Year of Lem announced in Poland and a variety of projects undertaken to promote his works among the Israeli public.    

Scheduled Film

Young cinematic works from Poland at the

Four movies created by film students from Poland will be screened as part of the Tel Aviv International Film Festival (TISFF) - a cooperation which allows the students to participate at the various activities the festival offers and get the chance to deepen their respective dialog and future cooperation.
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Polish Zoom – A celebration of Polish

The celebration of Polish movies returns to the cinematheques for a month of fantastic movies which will take place during June 2023, a homage to the best Polish cinematic works including a screening in a variety of genres
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