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Dybbuk, Tse! – new Polish-Israeli music production

The well-known drama "The Dybbuk" became the inspiration for the new album by Israeli jazz musician Yoni Miraz, produced by the Polish label Astigmatic Records

“Dybbuk, Tse!” – is the title of a new jazz production based on the most famous Jewish theater play of all times.

The album, created by Israeli musician Yoni Mayraz, was produced by the Polish label Astigmatic Records. The production is a contemporary interpretation of the drama by

Szymon An-sky.

The premiere of the album will take place on May 8 at 20:00 P.M. in the music store “Nuweiba” operating at the well-known radio bar “Teder”, Derech Yaffo 9, Tel Aviv. 

 “Dybbuk. Between two worlds”, a classic Jewish play by Szymon An-sky, served as inspiration for the new album, which will be available for sale as a vinyl record and CD. The special edition of

“Dybbuk” will be available for purchase from the beginning of May 2023, including all streaming platforms.

So-called “dramatic legend” called “The Dybbuk” was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Szymon An-sky in Russian and then in Yiddish. A drama considered one of the most

important Jewish works of all time.

Yoni Mayraz and Astigmatic Records in their music production drew from “Dybbuk” the motifs of a story shrouded in witchcraft, mysticism and European Jewish culture. In a refreshing

interpretation, through successive musical tracks, Yoni Mayraz talks about the path that the Dybbuk-possessed person goes through and helps to understand the full picture of the surrounding

reality. In fact, it is a kind of cultural closing of the circle by looking into the future with a musical cannon that easily combines jazz, hip hop of the nineties and local influences, such as Levantine

melodics and sophisticated musical structures, says Yoni Meirazz about the production.


Poland’s young and important jazz scene flourished on the international arena as early as the 1920s. A large part of it was the work of Polish Jews – outstanding composers, such as Jerzy

Petersburski or brothers Artur and Henryk Gold, who created film and theater hits, including commissioned by the largest record labels in Poland at that time.

This work was identified with the pursuit of freedom, individual rights and democracy. For many of these artists, the Holocaust brought an end to a prosperous career.


Yoni Mayraz is an Israeli music producer and pianist, an emerging talent on the global instrumental music scene. He has publications on his account, thanks to which he gained the sympathy of

radio stations, such as Worldwide FM, Jazz FM, BBC6. He collaborated with outstanding musicians, e.g. UK Garage host Al B Ghost and bassist Tom Drizler (Yussef Kamaal, Tom Misch). Yoni and

the band appear at festivals and clubs around the world, they played in the legendary clubs of Ronnie Scott, at the London Jazz Cafe and at the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival. In the fall of this year, they

will embark on a tour promoting the album “Dybbuk, come out” in Israel and Europe.

Listen to the first single

Live session


To purchase the digital album via Bandcamp with 20% discount

discount code for our friends  – pl_institute_tel_aviv





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