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Fascinating Polish films at the Docaviv Festival

Two Polish films will take part in this year's Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival Docaviv - "Pianofonte" by Jakub Piątek and "Moody" by Karolina Karwan and Tomasz Ratter

Two interesting Polish films will take part in the International Documentary Film Festival Docaviv, which will be held in

Tel Aviv on May 11-20, 2023.

“Pianofonte” directed by Jakub Piątek is a feast for Chopin lovers.

The film presents a number of young pianists accompanying them in their struggles during the International Chopin Piano Competition.

The competition, which is a prestigious event and a kind of brand in the field of classical music, evokes great emotions, and among

musicians it is often a breakthrough moment of their international career, paid for with tears, moments of excitement, rage or


Italian Leonora listens to Metallica in her free time to relax, Chinese Hao practices on the piano in the kitchen while his mother cooks,

and Pole Marcin has developed a unique musical bond with his cat.

Filled with great music and colorful characters, the film is an elegant and suspenseful drama, revealing behind-the-scenes intimate

moments and the human side of talented young musicians.

More information on the festival website


“Moody” directed by Karolina Karwan and Tomasz Ratter

A story about a mother and an adult son who live in complete isolation on a tiny Indonesian island and wait for the boats to bring tourists

to the island, whose presence will provide them with a modest income.

In the film, we follow the fate of a pragmatic mother and her son, for whom life is a magical world of dancing and communicating with


Despite their huge differences and frequent quarrels, the two heroes find a unique way of communicating through the magic of music

and dance.

“Moddy” is a human and poetic film about what is unique and original.

More information on the festival website


In addition to supporting the participation of the above-mentioned films in the festival, the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv also supports the

visit of Polish director Paweł Łoziński, who will sit among the judges of this year’s Docaviv. Łoziński is the author of the film “Balcony”,

which took part in the previous edition of the festival.

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