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In King Matt’s Kingdom – a new exhibition

A new exhibition for the whole family, straight from the POLIN Museum, dedicated to the concepts of leadership, democracy and decision-making, will be presented in the Ra'anana Park

“In King Matt’s Kingdom” is a new exhibition for the whole family, which will open on June 19, 2023 in Ra’anana.

The exhibition on the topics of leadership, democracy and decision-making was created at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, and its Israeli

edition will be presented at the “Gallery by the Lake” in the Ra’anana Park. Through fun, imagination and interactive experiences, the exhibition takes younger viewers to

the world of adults.

The exhibition, which will run during the summer season (June 19 to September 19), is based on the ideas formulated by Janusz Korczak in the novel “King Matt the First”. Korczak’s legendary

book celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first publication this year.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the POLIN Museum in Warsaw, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Poland, the Center for Music and Art and the City Hall in Ra’anana and the Polish

Institute in Tel Aviv.


The colorful entrance to Matt’s kingdom was based on the title novel by Janusz Korczak in the form of an illustrated labyrinth designed by the world-famous Polish illustrator Iwona Chmielewska.

From there, visitors enter an open space for discussion and reflection on universal ideas and problems of humanity, participating in games and activities on six main themes. What is community,

society and the state? How to reach an agreement within the community? How do public institutions work? How does a democratic state function? What is the concept of self-government? What

is behind the concepts of governance, decision making and budget management? What are the rights of human beings, citizens and children? The exhibition also discusses various state events,

shows scenes from social life, like elections and more.


The novel “King Matt the First” was published in 1923 and tells the story of a boy who, at the age of 10, was forced to take the throne due to the sudden death of his father. The book describes

the mechanisms of power in society, government debates, conflicts with opponents, delegation of power, social order and learning by experience. One of the themes of the novel is the

understanding that reality is actually a combination of beauty and coping with difficulties. In his famous book, Korczak, as a recognized educator, publicist, social activist and writer, is the first in

history to base his work on the foundations of children’s rights, treating children on an equal footing with adults, as well as questions about freedom, responsibility and the limits of power.

The aim of the exhibition is to instill in children – future generations of citizens – a mature attitude towards the concept of public responsibility, as well as to develop awareness of having an

impact on the communities in which we live.


The exhibition encourages children and parents to think together and does not give unequivocal answers. It deals with the place of power and money, freedom and democracy, the challenges

that reality poses to decision-makers and citizens, and the complex reality in which we live.

The exhibition will be an ideal opportunity for summer entertainment for adults and children, combining pleasure and fun with focusing on serious topics concerning humanity and the world.


Tickets can be booked on the Ra’anana City Council website or by phone on *8864


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