30.06.2023 News

White – red – white – exhibition of posters

A unique presentation of posters awarded in a competition organized in Poland for solidarity with Belarus and dealing with the subject of democracy, freedom and human rights

White – red – white is an international competition dedicated to Belarus’ fight for change and democracy, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland in

cooperation with the National Center for Culture Poland on the second anniversary of the rigged presidential elections in Belarus.

Under the same name, symbolizing the colors of the historical flag of free Belarus, an exhibition of works awarded in the competition was also created.

The Polish Institute invites you to a special event during which posters awarded in the competition will be presented. The presentation will take place on June 30 (Friday)

at 11:00 am at the seat of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv (address: Beit Psagot, Sderot Rothschild 3, 22nd floor).

The Israeli curator and lecturer Batia Donner will tell the audience about the awarded posters and the role of artistic expression for social movements and their fight for freedom.

The “White – Red – White” competition was intended to express Poland’s solidarity with the fighting Belarusian nation through art.

The exhibition of awarded posters was presented in Warsaw and other places in Poland and abroad.

The works focus on the subject of the importance of a free society and human rights in the face of the current situation in Belarus, where mass protests took place in defense of the same values.


Honorary patronage over the event: Swiatłana Cichanouska – the leader of the Belarusian opposition


Media patronage:

Belsat TV, Wnet Radio, Galician Courier, Belarusian House in Warsaw,  Pulaski Foundation

The welcome blessing of the Belarusian opposition leader 

Ukrainian opposition TV mentions the event


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