Posters For Ukraine

Graphic Designers from Poland and Ukraine,created an exhibition of 30 posters on the subject of the war in Ukraine, as an act of solidarity
19 07.2022 Bez kategorii

Polish Film at DocAviv

Three award winning Polish movies will take part in this year’s Doc-Aviv, an International Festival of Documentary films
26 05.2022 05 06.2022 Bez kategorii, Film

Art under Fire – An event in the shadow of the Russian-Ukrainian War

A special event to take place at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design on the issue of art during wartime
11 05.2022 Bez kategorii

Lem in Bezalel in a day of Art, Literature and Imagination

A special day held in cooperation with the Screen Arts Dept in Bezalel which will cover the different aspects in the works of Stanislaw Lem with the participation of researchers, creators, and professionals from Israel and Poland
24 03.2022 Bez kategorii, Film, Literature

Vampires, movies, and monsters on the eve of Purim  

A festive Purim event in which great films from Poland, horror tales, fantastic Polish animation and a few vampires all come together
17 03.2022 Bez kategorii, Film

Europe Day 2021: Towards a New Community Post COVID-19

Europe Day 2021 is a celebration of the EU Delegation to Israel, together with 17 of its EU Member states with special video art installations in Eilat, Haifa and Tel Aviv
17 06.2021 29 06.2021 Bez kategorii

An academic program calls Polish scientists

The Polish Returns NAWA Programme calls Polish scientists to return to Poland and to work in education institutions, scientific units or research institutes - applying until 29 July
09 06.2021 29 07.2021 Bez kategorii, Science

The International Design Week at HIT

The International Design Week at the HIT Institute will offer workshops and lectures by designers from all over Europe and among them 4 renowned designers from Poland
18 04.2021 24 04.2021 Bez kategorii

Arthur Rubinstein Festival

The prizes winner Polish pianist will participate the Arthur Rubinstein International music competition
15 03.2021 Bez kategorii, Music