Related Identities – a new exhibition by the artist Maya Gordon

The exhibition, which will be presented at the University of Haifa, presents the works of the artist inspired by the motifs of childhood, family migration from Poland to Israel, leaving the family home, memories, longing and pain related to those events
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Polish Zoom – A celebration of Polish films at the Cinematheques

The celebration of Polish movies returns to the cinematheques for a month of fantastic movies which will take place during June 2023, a homage to the best Polish cinematic works including a screening in a variety of genres
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The Polish contribution to the Hebrew City – an urban architecture event

The lesser-known history of the Polish contribution to the image of Tel Aviv, with the participation of researchers from Poland and from Israel
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Polish wine and wine routes in Poland – lecture

A journey in the footsteps of Polish wine by Adam Koren - a guide, lecturer and Polish expert, and Matias Glusman - a world-class sommelier
31 03.2023 Bez kategorii, Cuisine, Tourism

Holocaust Day – 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Youth choirs from Poland and Israel will join a series of joint concerts in Israel and Poland to commemorate the Holocaust and Israel's Independence Day, as part of a collaboration between the countries
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Warsaw Mariupol – new photo exhibition

A powerful photo exhibition presents photographs of the destroyed Warsaw from 1944 alongside the Mariupol region from 2022 with the message being the unchanging aggression between countries
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Photo IS:Rael marks tenth annual international photography exhibition  

An exhibition of the photographs by Polish photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz which document the conflict in Ukraine since 2014 alongside an exhibition of works by Michal Chelbin who documented Polish families which hosted families of refugees from Ukraine
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The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect artifacts from WW2

The Warsaw Ghetto Museum calls to collect objects, souvenirs and testimonies from the Warsaw Ghetto that are in the possession of private individuals and may contribute to the presentation of history in the newly built museum
12 10.2022 Bez kategorii, History, News

September 17 – the Soviet invasion to Poland

September 17th is marked in Poland as the anniversary of the Soviet invasion to POland on 1939, the implementation of the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact for the division of Europe between Germany and Russia
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