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Tuturor prietenilor, partenerilor și colaboratorilor noștri le dorim Crăciun fericit și un An Nou 2021 mai bun!
22 12.2020 06 01.2021 Știri

Communism was indefensible

In the 1970s, I was a journalist with the weekly "Le Nouvel Observateur" specialising in dissident movements in communist-bloc countries. This gave me a unique opportunity to get first-hand insight into the nature of the USSR and its satellite states. I realised quickly that the history of communism in Europe was in fact the history of its downfall.
15 12.2020 Istorie

We are deeply aware of our shared history

A quarter of a century after the end of the Second World War, shots were fired again and people were killed in Gdansk, the very place where the war started. This time, deadly force was used by the communist police and soldiers to suppress workers’ protests against a rise in prices announced just before Christmas in December 1970. From Gdansk the revolt spread to other port cities of Szczecin, Gdynia and Elbląg. Several dozen were shot dead and over one thousand wounded. The scale of the protests forced Moscow to change the communist leaders who governed Poland since 1956.
13 12.2020 Istorie

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