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30-09-2011 Events

Concert “In the garden of light” of the Poznan Boys’ Choir

Poznan Boys' Choir is one of the most famous European collectives and its direc...
26-09-2011 Events


The main goal of the "Poems in the underground" project is popularization o...
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24-09-2011 Cinema

Master class of Polish producers and viewing of Polish films at the Polis—Ukrainian Film Festival “Bo!”

“Bo!” is a non-competition viewing of films that accompanies and co...
21-09-2011 Events

Artur Dutkiewicz jazz trio tour of Ukrainian cities

Artur Dutkiewicz jazz trio tour of Ukrainian cities Music 21 — ...
20-09-2011 Events

Art-Training: Urbanistic Games

International Polish-Ukrainian pilot project aimed at artistic study of urb...
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16-09-2011 Events

“KTO” theatre performance based on José Saramago’s novel “Blindness”

Not all blind deserve to be blind and not all sighted have the right to see. Pe...
16-09-2011 Events

Ukrainian-Polish alternative music festival UA/PL ALTERNATIVE MUSIC MEETINGS

The UA/PL ALTERNATIVE MUSIC MEETINGS festival was founded in order to c...
16-09-2011 Events

Gazeta Wyborcza editor-in-chief Adam Michnik at the 18 Lviv Book Forum

16 September, 17.00 – round table "20 years without USSR" 17 Septe...
16-09-2011 Cinema

Polish actor Jan Nowicki and film expert Maciej Gil participate in II International Mini Film Festival “European Express”

International Mini Film Festival “European Express” was one of last yea...