8.04.2014 - 13.04.2014 Events, Аrt

Polish-Ukrainian illustration exhibition PICTORIC as part of the 4th International Book Arsenal

PICTORIC is a place for communication of Polish and Ukrainian artists, publishers and general public interested in book illustrations. The exhibition will feature works of modern graphic artists and students of art academies.

IWONA CHMIELEWSKA works on author’s books, most of which are published in South Korea. She is a laureate of many international awards.

MAGDALENA WOSIK has worked as an illustrator, designer and editor of Wroclaw newspapers (Gazeta Wyborcza, Gazeta Wrocławska, Polska the Times) for more than 13 years.

PAWEL PAWLAK is an illustrator of eighty books published in many countries of the world. He also engages in graphic design, painting and graphic arts.

8 April – 13 April
Art Arsenal, Lavrska st., 12

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