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The Kazimir Malevich Art Award 2020

Open Call

The Kazimir Malevich Art Award was established in 2008 through the initiative of Jerzy Onuch, the director of the Polish Institute in Kiev, and by Wojciech Krukowski, the director of Ujazdwski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, on the 130th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich, as a tribute to the artist of Polish origin born in Kiev. The prize is awarded every two years to outstanding contemporary Ukranian artists.

In 2018 the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Ukranian Institute joined the organisation of the Award.

Former Laureates : Alevtyna Kakhidze (2008), Stas Volyazlovsky (2010), Zhanna Kadyrowa (2012), Lada Nakonechna (2014), Nikita Kadan (2016), Ivan Svitlychnyi (2018)

Organisers of the Kazimir Malevich Award invite Ukranian and foreign cultural institutions, educational centers, galleries, museums, and collectives to submit Ukranian candidatures for Ukranian Artists.

Application Deadline

  • 8 November 2020

Number of places available

  • 1

Criteria for nominated artist

  • Adult Ukranian candidates, up to 40 years of age, regardless of their place of residence
  • Artists working within the broadly understood scope of visual arts (including performance art)


  • The selection will be based on the evaluation of the application and portfolio
  • From the submitted applications, the jury willy select 3 Finalists, the names of which will be published on the site of the Polish Institute in Kiev www.instytutpolski.pl/kyiv IAM www.iam.pl and Ujazdwski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art www.u-jazdowski.pl by November 20 2020
  • The name of the Laureate chosen from the Finalists will be announced during the award ceremony on December 3 2020 in the National Museum of Ukranian Art (NAMU) in Kiev.


o Robert Czyżewski, director of the Polish Institute in Kiev

o Piotr Bernatowicz, director of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

o Tetiana Filewska, founder of the Malevich Institute

o Borys Filonenko, art critic, representative of the magazine „Korydor”

o Monika Grochowska, deputy director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

o Daryna Jakymowa, representative of the National Museum of Ukranian Art

o Ivan Svitlychnyi , laureate of the Kazimir Malevich Art Award 2018

o Wolodymyr Szejko, director of the Ukranian Institute

How to Apply?

  • Application (in English) should be one pdf file, titled MALEWICZ 2020_Name_Surname.pdf and should contain the following:
  • -A complete application form
  • -CV
  • -Artistic Portfolio max. 10 MB
  • The application should be sent to: olena.zoc(at)instytutpolski.org
  • Deadline: November 8 2020


  • The laureate of the Kazimir Malevich Art Award in 2020 will receive:
  • The prize of 3000 EUR gross, awarded by the Polish Institute in Kiev
  • A three-month art residency at Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (September-November 2021), which includes:
  • A scholarship of 1000 EUR gross for each month of the residency. Payment of the scholarship and other benefits will be made on the basis of an agreement with CSW ZU, in which the recipient will agree to licensing agreements of the residency project, under the conditions specified in the residency agreement
  • One round-trip ticket from the place of residence to Warsaw
  • Accommodation in a furnished studio
  • Curatorial support from the Art Residency team at U-jazdowski
  • The Award Finalists and representatives of their nominating institutions (one for each) will take part in a study visit to Poland in 2021. In addition, one of the finalists will be chosen by the Kiev-Mohyla Business School (kmbs) and will receive, among other offers, the possibility of organising an exhibition in the space of the school.


Polish Institute in Kiev

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Ukranian Institute


National Museum of Ukranian Art

Malewicz Institute

Kiev-Mohyla Business School

Media Partner:

Web based magazine «Korydor»

The artistic residency program at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

is a curatorial program addressed to creators from various disciplines as well as curators who have come to Poland from all over the world. We support our guests in the implementation of their artistic projects as well as encourage them to experiment in the fields of their particular interest. We understand residencies as a medium for artistic activities, allowing presentation under a different model than the traditional exhibition. We conduct research projects mapping the city, engaging local communities, and we also support the exchange of knowledge. We promote the idea of mobility in Poland and Eastern Europe.

More information: www.u-jazdowski.pl/en/programme/residencies

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute

is a national institution responsible for the promotion of Polish culture and heritage internationally, including via the Culture.pl website with daily news about the most interesting events related to Polish culture. As part of its global activities, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has presented over eight thousand events seen by almost sixty million viewers. The Visual Poland programme supports international dialogue within the field of visual culture, so crucial in the times when the presence and recognition of an artist in the world determines not only the value of their art, but also its direct impact. The Institute’s activities include organizing exhibitions, promoting artistic events, instigating and conducting research projects, as well as initiating and supporting publications released in cooperation with international publishers. The programme also involves permanent and active collaboration with foreign institutions, curators, critics, and galleries, ensuring the presence of Polish artists at renowned artistic events, as well as offering them the opportunity to take part in residency programmes abroad.

More information: www.iam.pl  www.culture.pl

The Ukrainian Institute is a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Our mission is to strengthen Ukraine’s international standing through the means of cultural diplomacy. We facilitate international connections between people and institutions and create opportunities for Ukraine to interact and cooperate with the world.

More information: https://ui.org.ua/

Polish Institute in Kyiv is one of the network of 25 branches reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. The network of the Institutes fulfils the mission of Polish public diplomacy: protecting Poland’s good name and image, in particular through ensuring Polish presence in international projects and establishing and maintaining contacts with foreign partners in the area of culture, education, science, and social life. The multifaceted activities of the Polish Institutes concern broadly understood public diplomacy and building Poland’s positive image abroad in such fields as information policy, the economy, history, culture, education and language, science, sport, tourism or even the culinary art.

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