13.12.2021 News

40th anniversary of the imposition of martial law


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Compatriots!

The 40th anniversary of the imposition of martial law is approaching. Back then, the communist regime declared war on the Polish people. Thousands of “Solidarity” activists were imprisoned, those who fought for freedom were removed from their work and universities, and brutally beaten as the regime attempted to quench the protests. Some of them even lost their lives.

We remember all the victims, we remember those repressed under martial law. We remember the Heroes! Their courage and strength eventually brought down communism, and Poland regained its freedom. They take credit for the fact that today we live in our own sovereign, democratic state.

 As a sign of this remembrance, on December 13, let us light up the Light of Freedom in the windows of our homes. Let its flame remind us of the victims. Let it remind us of the victorious struggle against enslavement and of regaining a free Poland.

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