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XXXII Eastern Summer School

Lectures – Seminars – Special sessions – Visits to in institutes, Archives and libraries – Scientific tours

Final deadline for application: 20th May 2022

WARSAW 1th – 21th july 2022

• Lectures and Seminars of the Eastern Summer School

• Lectures – professors from Poland and abroad

• Seminars – four to choose according to the participants’ research topics

School diplomas have so far been awarded to over 700 graduates from dozens of countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus

Eastern Summer School – University of Warsaw – Centre for East European Studies

Potocki Palace, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28; PL 00-927 Warsaw

tel. 22 55 22 555, fax 22 55 22 222

e-mail: wsl.studium@uw.edu.pl;



The Eastern Summer School (founded in 1991) has been organized since 1992 by the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw. It gathers around 20 students annually – young researchers from various fields of the humanities. School participants cannot come from Poland. The lectures are conducted by a changing group of outstanding specialists, mainly from Poland, Western Europe and America.

The School’s program consists of a series of lectures, seminars (several topics to choose from), scientific tours and presentations of institutes, libraries and archives.

So far, in the years 1992-2021, thirty-one sessions of the School took place. A total of almost 100 professors taught during the sessions, over 700 listeners from 34 countries.

Graduates continue their careers in their home countries, often holding senior positions in science (Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sweden), archives and museums (Lithuania, Ukraine), as well as in non-governmental organizations (especially Belarus), public service and politics (Ukraine, Lithuania) and diplomacy (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary) and the media (Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria).

Graduates and lecturers are members of an international Club of the Eastern Summer School, that was founded in 2000, during the First Congress of graduates and lecturers of the School in Warsaw. The Second Congress of graduates and lecturers of the School was held in 2002, in Brno, organized by Czech graduates. The third one took place in July 2004 in Warsaw, the Fourth took place in 2005 in Kaunas, the fifth Congress took place in 2007 in Kiev, while the Sixth Congress took place in 2008 in Yaremche. The seventh Congress of school graduates and lecturers took place in Warsaw in 2010, the eighth took place in 2013 in Prague, and the ninth in 2015 in Warsaw, the tenth in 2017 in Odessa, the eleventh in June 2018 in Vilnius.

You can find more information about the past editions of the Eastern Summer School on the website www.studium.uw.edu.pl/szkoly


1. The Eastern Summer School is held between 1th – 21th July 2022 in Warsaw.

2. The school is directed to listeners from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Its aim is to enable students to learn about the state of research, new environments and outstanding scientists, to gain an understanding of the resources of archives and Polish libraries. The school does not allow for independent research work, rather it prepares students for future, longer academic stays in Poland.

3. The School can is offered only to the foreigners, graduates of higher education, conducting their own research, who are below 35 years of age.

4. Candidates are required to have a good knowledge two languages of the School: Polish and English, both to the extent allowing them to understand and use lectures.

5. The School will pay special attention to application of candidates specializing in the history and coexistence of Eastern Europe, especially in the 19th-21st century, as well as the fall of communism and the transformation of the region’s countries.

6. The School’s program consists of a series of lectures and seminars (one seminar to choose from – according to topics of own, scientific interests and research of the School’s participants) and scientific tours in the field of art history and culture, it also includes the presentations of institutes, archives and scientific libraries. Students who complete all the programs will receive „Diploma of the Eastern Summer School” on July 19, 2022. Classes will last until July 19, 2022. In addition, from July 20 to 28, you will be able to attend post- -doctoral seminar meetings, but only after a positive assessment by the teacher.

7. Candidates fulfilling the substantive terms of full participation may apply for co-financing to cover all or part of the stay during the School (hotel, meals, lectures, materials, detours) depending on the country of origin.


1. The documents to be sent to the address: wsl.studium@uw.edu.pl:

– A questionnaire that can be found at www.studium.uw.edu.pl

– An application for admission, containing a description of past works and scientific interests, and the proposed subject of the paper

– CV with a picture

– A list of all past scientific publications

– Two opinions of researchers dealing with the issues of candidate’s research (if possible – one from Poland),

– A copy of the diploma of completion of full university studies.

– Only applications containing a full set of required documents will be considered.

Application for admission and questionnaire should be prepared in Polish, and Curriculum Vitae in English.

2. Final deadline for application: 20th May 2022


Candidates qualified for the School will receive a formal invitation, issued by the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw, around 30th May 2022, The Consulates of the Republic of Poland in candidates’ country will be notified.

The poster promoting Eastern Summer School and this folder were prepared in Polish, you can also find a digital English version. We kindly ask to distribute them among interested students. More details can be found at the Centre for East European Studies website.

English version – please see on our web-site: www.studium.uw.edu.pl

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