3.06.2019 - 8.06.2019 Events, Theatre Theatro Technis 26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1 TT

Spectacle ‘They’ by Stanislaw Witkiewicz 🗺

a dark comedy in London

They (Oni), was written in 1920 by the iconic Polish playwright S.I. Witkiewicz as a response to the convulsions of the Bolshevik Revolution and the first World War. It is an early absurdist dark comedy in which a secret government is attempting to bring about the death of art in order to easier control the people.We believe this play to be of particular interest to lovers of theatre and visual arts, but also to all Eastern European audiences who will easily recognize elements of the communist dictatorships, such as the all-seeing secret police or the oppression of intellectuals, in a sad but accurate foresight of the future political developments in Poland and Eastern Europe.

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