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How to attract young adults to the library – inspiring new generations

EUROLIS Seminar 2019

What do young people expect from public libraries in the 21st century?
What range of services are offered by libraries throughout Europe?
How can we engage with teenagers and enhance their possibilities?

Don’t miss this one day seminar organised by EUROLIS and CILIP aimed at all professionals who want to inspire young people to engage with (or to visit) libraries and see them as an exciting and innovative environment.

The seminar will have the format of a presentations, Q & A forum and a workshop, where leading experts from different European countries will share their experience and ideas with the audience.

Programme of workshops:

Inspiring young people to read.
This workshop will explore the different ways in which library services are engaging young people and inspiring them to read through Book Awards, book groups and other book promotions. The workshop will cover aims and objectives managing processes, volunteering opportunities for young people, key partners funding and sponsorship. Delegates will have the opportunity to share best practice and will be able to develop the knowledge to plan and deliver activity.   
Engaging young people in library spaces through co-creation and co-delivery of arts-based projects.
This workshop will look at how the delivery of a nationally funded regional arts project with young people in three library services across the Midlands led to the creation of a festival by young people for young people in Cannock, Straffordshire. The workshop will cover the aims and objectives of the library service in Straffordshire in engaging the young people in the arts; key partners; funding and sponsorship; recruitment of young people; the role of the young people in designing and implementing the festival programme; the legacy. Delegates will gain an insight into co-creation and co-delivery of library programmes with young people.
Co-creation and co-delivery of library services with young people through volunteering opportunities.
This workshop will look at how library services are engaging young people in the cocreation and co-delivery of services and providing volunteering opportunities that are enabling young people to develop skills for the workplace and gain new experiences. The workshop will identify the benefits of co-creation and co-delivery opportunities for libraries and for young people; establishing a youth volunteering offer; volunteer roles that facilitate co-creation and co-deliver of services; a volunteer policy checklist; risk assessments; recruitment; training; sustainability. Delegates will gain an insight into co-creation and co-delivery of library programmes with young people and knowledge of establishing a volunteer offer for young people.


P. BACCALARIO Italian speaker
C. GOMBERT French speaker
A. LAMBERTI Italian speaker
S. BALL English speaker and chair
K. JOSWIG German speaker
M. SORDYL Polish speaker
I. STILWELL Portuguese speaker


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