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Krzysztof Sokolovski: Neosacral Art 🗺

Exhibition at the POSK Gallery

Krzysztof Sokolovski was born in Lithuania, lives and works in Poland.

Graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, award in ‘The Best Diploma 2014’

Sokolovki’s work can be found in museums and private collections in Poland and abroad. He designed and executed several monumental wall designs, of which the most important in the neosacral chapel design in the convent of the Salesian Sisters in Jerusalem.

He is the creator of the idea of Neosacral Art, whose primary postulates are based on a harmonious fusion of abstraction and inspirations from the spiritual art of old masters. Its purpose is to contribute to the metaphysical growth of a man in a universal dimension (which is attained by nonfigurative means), although it contains some refences to sacral art. However, awareness of them is not needed in order that an artwork be deeply experienced by a viewer because it can and should be perceived intuitively and holistically like music.

For many people, typical figurative religious art is not convincing anymore, which is a reason for the neosacral artist to create a new visual form of the spiritual: the form which would invite the audience to leave all habits of ‘reading’ sacral art and to start experiencing it much more deeply. For neosacral art, a scientific background is not an impediment. On the contrary, it is crucial for present-day human’s metaphysical experience. ‘Knowledge regenerates faith’, according to Sokolovski. Mind and faith are linked with each other in his works.

Sokolovski combines ostensibly separate worlds: of science and art, of faith and reason, of innovation and tradition. He refers to Byzantine and Gothic art as well as to twentieth-century artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Jerzy Nowosielski. Moreover, he draws inspiration from natural sciences, especially astronomy and biology. For him, the beauty and excellence of nature are a way to discovering the sacrum.

Krzysztof Sokolovski is represented by the Bohema Art Gallery in Warsaw.

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