28.11.2020 Events, Music

Electronica: Vision of Sound II

A virtual experience with atmospheric, intricate soundscapes and visual spectacle by Bratři (CZ), Óperentzia (HU), Hatti Vatti (PL) and Katarína Máliková (SK).

Immerse yourself in vibrant visual effects and bold beats as Bratři (CZ), Óperentzia (HU), Hatti Vatti (PL) and Katarína Máliková (SK) create atmospheric soundscapes pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.

After last year’s successful initial event, Central European musicians of a new generation join forces once again for a one-off online experience fusing intricate electronics and dizzying visuals.

This performance will be streamed live  on our Facebook and YouTube.

Bratři (CZ), finalists of the prestigious Music Movers Europe Talent Awards 2021, is the fast-rising electronic duo and one of Prague’s most popular live acts. Twins Jiří and Ondřej are both drummers with a love for electronic music, drum machines and modular synthesizers. Their music, influenced by techno and experimental electronics, has a diverse sound where melodic, beat-oriented songs are a striking blend of acoustic drums and electronic samples. The Electronica concert will preview their upcoming debut album produced by German wizard of electronic music, Hannes Bieger, accompanied by stunning 3D Virtual Stage and Video created by Deja Vj / Jan Kočí – Kočičák from XLAB.

Named after Hungarian folklore tales’ imaginary lands, Óperentzia (HU) is one of the most wanted electronic music performers in the Hungarian festival scene such as SZIGET or OZORA. The Balkan sound in their album Tribalkán released in 2018 really brought the international attention; Óperentzia had been invited to Russia and to the UK, to mention but a few. Their 7th album Tuatary Psylosophy came out in May 2020, the band is currently attending online music festivals with the new release. The Electronica concert will showcase the premiere of their partnership with Global Illumination.

Hatti Vatti (PL), (Piotr Kaliński), is one of the most original, acclaimed, and prolific electronic artists in Poland. He regularly plays live sets around the globe from Iceland to Japan, and his tracks were remixed by, among others, the legendary Andy Stott. The performance for Rich Mix will be a preview of the artist’s latest project, focused on detail and economy of structural elements and complemented by his own visuals. The brand-new material was created during the pandemic and isolation and is full of tranquillity and repetitiveness.

Katarína Máliková (SK) is one of the most distinctive artists on the Slovak music scene today. Her critically acclaimed first album Pustvopol is regarded as one of the most brilliant debuts of the decade. Malikova‘s music builds on a distinct vocal with a wide ambit and with her highly acclaimed new album Postalgia she has transcended the genre of world music moving towards a previously unexplored world of electronics. The audiovisual performance is created in collaboration with visual artists Tomáš Červený and Kristina Bártová, known as bitr00t.

Organised by the Czech Centre London, Hungarian Cultural Centre and Polish Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Slovakia London. In partnership with SoundCzech and Arts and Theatre Institute. 

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