25.05.2021 Events, Music

Andrzej Panufnik – His Quest for Peace

a Lyric Drama with Clare Hammond (piano) and Tama Matheson (author & actor).

25 May 6pm and 8pm St Mary’s, Barnes Music Festival, London


Andrzej Panufnik, one of the most important Polish composers of the 20th century, was born into war-torn Poland, and lived under the successive rule of the Nazis and the Soviets, yearning for a freedom that was always denied him. This play follows the composer as he begins to make his way as an artist, struggling to find a voice in a world where free speech is forbidden, and striving to define himself against a political regime that suppresses individuality. Filled with amusing, shocking, powerful, and tragic incidents, the play explores the horrors of tyranny, the power of art, and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Set to Panufnik’s own music (as well as that of his daughter), Panufnik – His Quest for Peace is a unique fusion of words and music, creating a drama of originality and power.

“The ideal is a composition in which poetic content is combined with perfection of construction… Music gets its eternal beauty from an ideal balance of emotion and intellect.” — Andrzej Panufnik

This year the play will be a slightly shorter version and will be performed twice on the day (due to Covid regulations)

Barnes Music Festival 17-30 May 2021 Music&Theatre

BMF in South West London is an annual celebration of music-making which includes choral, instrumental, orchestral, opera, jazz and film events with international stars and local groups and schools performing at venues across Barnes.

The Festival celebrates music-making of the highest standard in conjunction with established and emerging stars.


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