7.05.2021 - 16.05.2021 Events, Film

In Short, Europe: HAPPY TOGETHER

A collection of life affirming shorts from 19 European countries.

EUNIC London in collaboration with the European Union Delegation to the UK is pleased to present the third edition of the In Short, Europe short film festival, taking place online from 7-16 May.

This edition, themed Happy Together, is organised in three strands: Hope, Magic and Life’s Little Disappointments and invites us to look at the bright side, embrace moments of joy, lift our spirits and dares us to dream.

The programme has been curated by Shira MacLeod, film curator and former Cinema Director at the Regent Street Cinema and Riverside Studios Cinema.



Bingo! by Patrick Schoemaker, Netherlands, 2015, 3mins animation

Dogs Barking at Birds by Leonor Teles, Portugal, 2019, 20mins*

Ha Ha Ha by Samuli Valkama, Finland, 2019, 9mins

New Beginnings by Tauno Mee, Estonia, 2019, 15mins subtitles

Mars, Oman by Vanessa Del Campo, Belgium, Oman, 2019, 20mins subtitles documentary

Scuzz byAlia Ghafer, UK (Scotland),2020,14mins

Once Upon A Time in East Slovakia by Adam Šoltéz, Slovakia, 2019, 30mins subtitles


Swimmerby Jonathan Etzler, Sweden, 2020, 13 mins subtitles

RIAFN by Hannes Lang, Germany, 2019, 30mins documentary

The Girl at the End of the Garden by Bonnie Dempsey, Ireland, 2020, 15mins

Swimming Pool by Carlos Ruano, 2017, Spain, 9mins subtitles

And We Are Not Yet Superheroes by Lia Bertels,Belgium, France, 11mins subtitles animation

The Christmas Gift by Bogdan Mureșanu, Romania, Spain,2018, 23 mins subtitles


Story byJola Bankouska, Poland, 2019, 12mins animation

Jar of Nuts 18+ by Savvas Stavrou, Cyprus, 2019, 17mins subtitles

Woods by Ignas Meilunas, Lithuania, 2015, 12mins

The Victory of Charity byAlbert Meisl, Austria, 2017, 21mins subtitles

Sh_t Happens 15+ by Michaela Mihalyi, David Stumpf, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 13mins animation

Chuchotage by Barnabas Toth, Hungary, 2018, 17mins subtitles

Download the festival brochure to discover the film’s & events. 

All films will be available to watch for FREE for 10 days only within the UK .
All films with dialogue have English subtitles.

We are also hosting three side events with the filmmakers on the 7th , 11th and 13th May 2021.

For more info and the link to the festival platform please stay tuned!

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