11.03.2022 - 12.03.2022 Events, Music, Theatre

Bombyx Mori

At Royal Opera House London.


Discover Ola Maciejewska’s reimagination of LoïeFuller’s Serpentine Dances, which enthralled audiences in the 19th century. Mimicking the ebb and flow of water and fire with the help of long reems of silk attached to bamboo poles, Fuller was a force of innovation in theatre and dance. Maciejewska’s modern take of Fuller’s iconic choreography draws on another creature, the silkworm, the Bombyx Mori.

Concept and choreography: Ola Maciejewska
Performed by Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez, Maciej Sado, Ola Maciejewska
Sound Carola Caggiano, in collaboration with the dancers
Lights and technical direction: Rima Ben Brahim
Construction design: Jolanta Maciejewska
Construction realisation: Valentine Solé
Production and Touring: Caroline Redy
Production: So We Might As Well Dance

Post-show discussion

There will be a discussion with the company after the 7.45pm performance on Friday 11 March.

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