6.06.2022 Events, Music

Inaugural event of the Polish Music Since 1900 Research Network

PolMus 1900 Research Forum, Researching ‘Polish music’ today.

Monday 6 June, 6PM

An exploration and discussion about what it means to study Polish music today, as well as what that has meant in the past, both locally and more globally, and through varying academic or institutional contexts.

Attendees are invited to participate in an online poster session (if they wish), sharing a one-slide summary of their research into some aspect of Polish music, which is broadly understood to include: music from Poland; music-making practices in Poland or by Polish artists abroad; musical cultures originating in or relating to Poland; music and sound in Poland; and any other critical approaches which seek to widen contemporary perspectives on Polish music.


18.00: Welcome and Introduction (James Savage-Hanford)

18.10: Position statement: Polish music and perceptions of Polishness (Andrea Bohlman)

18.20: Responses (Beata Bolesławska, Stephen Downes)

18.30: Open discussion, followed by poster session and Q&A / continued discussion (to finish no later than 19.30)

Free to attend.

Anyone wishing to join, please email PolMus1900@gmail.com for a Zoom link. Please also let us know if you intend to share a slide as part of the poster session.

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