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Crash Course in Polish Cinema

A free, open access series of short videos created through a collaboration between the Polish Cultural Institute London and the University of Edinburgh introducing viewers to the most important aspects of Polish film and cinema

Always wanted to delve into the world of Polish Cinema but never been sure where to start?

The Crash Course in Polish Cinema is exatly what you’ve been looking for – an exciting resource for everyone interested in learning more about Polish Cinema and Film created through a collaboration between The Polish Cultural Institute in London and the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Open Learning.

The Crash Course is a series of eight open access short videos created by Dr Malgorzata Bugaj, Teaching Fellow and Course Coordinator for Film and Media at the University of Edinburgh, in which she explores different perspectives on Polish film.

The course covers Polish directors, film movements and other areas associated with cinema, for example, Polish film posters and animation.

The course is free and open for all so all you have to do is start watching!

Start today: Crash Course in Polish Cinema | The University of Edinburgh

Poland and Ukraine: Neighbours in Good Times

Professor Norman Davies explores the 1000 year history during which Poland and Ukraine passed through good times and bad - starting with the day when a Polish King notched his broadsword on the Golden Gate of Kiev.
14 12.2022 Events, History, News

Cambridge British-Polish Cultural Symposium 🗓

A one-day symposium exploring British-Polish cultural and historical connections over the past 100 years with representatives from the arts, media, academia and public diplomacy.
07 12.2022 Events, Film, History, Literature, Music, News, Theatre, Visual arts

35mm online – Polish Film Classics Online

A bilingual online platform offering viewers the chance to browse and view nearly 4,000 unique, digitized and reconstructed Polish films for free.
07 11.2022 News, Resources, Videos