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The Balcony Movie + ScreenTalk with director Paweł Łoziński at The Barbican

A unique documentary filmed over 2 years, in which the director Paweł Łoziński watched people from his balcony as they passed by and engaged them in conversation about their lives.

7 November, The Barbican

When Polish director Paweł Łoziński was short on ideas for a new film, he made lemonade and took his camera to uncharted territory: his balcony.

The award-winning Balcony Movie, (2021), is a documentary by Paweł Łoziński which sees the director watching people from his balcony as they are passing by: sad, thoughtful, glued to their phones, young and old. Neighbours, random visitors or simply passers-by.

The filmmaker accosts them, asks questions, talks about how they deal with life. Standing there with his camera for over 2 years he has created a space for dialogue, a lay confessional of sorts, where everyone can stop by and tell their story.

From his fixed vantage point, Łoziński encounters a cynical but sprightly widow, a recently released convict, and countless strangers who reflect on lives lived – whether as hoped or otherwise.

The protagonists carry secrets and mysteries, and are not easy to label. Every story is unique, and life always surpasses imagination.

The film won the Grand Prix Semaine de la Critique prize at last year’s Locarno Film Festival.

About the Director

Paweł Łoziński is a Polish director, cameraman and producer of documentaries. Author of more than 20 award-winning documentaries. Graduate of the Directing Department at the Film School in Lodz. He makes distinct and emotionally charged films about people of whom he draws intimate portraits. His films such as debut Birthplace, Sisters, Chemo, Father and son and the latest You Have No Idea How  Much I Love You are considered innovative as they venture into new thematic areas and explore uncharted spaces within the documentary film genre.

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The Balcony Movie (15) + ScreenTalk with director Paweł Łoziński | Barbican

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