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Institute of Polish Military History Lecture Series Oct-Dec 2022

The final 3 dates and topics of 2022 as part of the Instititute of Polish Military History's regular lecture series.

29 October – 10 December, Online

The Institute of Polish Military History runs ZOOM lectures during the year on various aspects of Polish Military History by well known authors and experienced lecturers.

The final 3 upcoming lectures in the series for 2022 are on the following dates and topics:

29th October 15:30 GMT UK (11:30 AM US – EST): The Three Partitions of Poland of 1772, 1793 and 1795, Professor Antony Polonsky

Prof. Polonsky will cover comprehensively all three patitions of Poland from 1772 to 1795 at the hands of the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and at the expense of the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth.

26th November 11:30 GMT UK (06:30 AM US – EST): The Siege of Przemyśl, Professor Alexander Watson

The siege of Przemyśl was the longest siege in Europe during the First World War.

The siege was a crushing defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Army by the Russian Army. Przemyśl (German: Premissel) was a fortress-town and stronghold on the River San in what is now southeastern Poland.

The investment of Przemyśl began on 16 September 1914 and was briefly suspended on 11 October, due to an Austro-Hungarian offensive.

The siege resumed again on 9 November and the Austro-Hungarian garrison surrendered on 22 March 1915, after holding out for a total of 133 days.

10th December: Pilsudski as a Military Leader, Dr Paul Latawski

In his political career, Piłsudski became a leader of the Polish Socialist Party. Believing Poland’s independence would be won militarily.

Details and tickets for all three events can be found under the Eventbrite link below:

Polish Military History, | Eventbrite

More about the Institute of Polish Military History, part of the Polish Heritage Society here:

The Institute of Polish Military History (IPMH) Lecture Plan Autumn 2022 (polishheritage.co.uk)

Poland and Ukraine: Neighbours in Good Times

Professor Norman Davies explores the 1000 year history during which Poland and Ukraine passed through good times and bad - starting with the day when a Polish King notched his broadsword on the Golden Gate of Kiev.
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Mickiewicz’s Ballads and Romances: the Battle-Cry of Polish

A unique evening of musical, literary and dance intepretations to mark the launch of the first ever English translation 'Ballads and Romances' by Adam Mickiewicz.
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Polish Highlanders’ Style St Andrew’s Day Party

A traditional Polish 'Andrzejki' party to celebrate St Andrew's Day at the Polish White Eagle Club in Balham.
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