19-12-2022 Events, Music

Two originally written Polish Christmas Eve Carols performed in English and Polish

Original Polish Christmas Eve Carols performed in English and Polish

Compser and lyrist Marek Łukaszewicz has teamed up with vocalist Emilia Piątkowska and pianist and arranger Tomasz Gargól to write a series of original Polish Christmas Eve Carols, some of which are also performed in English.

Perfromances of the carols: “Leży w stajence” (English: “Child Jesus in the Manger”) and “Pastorałka”, are available to listen to on Youtube. See below:


Child Jesus in the Manger

The concert of Itamar Zorman (violin) and

The event on April 2nd, 2023 at Wigmore Hall features two musicians: Itamar Zorman on violin and Adam Golka on piano. The event is a classical music concert and will begin at 11:30am.

02 04.2023 Events, Music


The Interphase Quartet returns to the 606 Jazz Club with their high  energy and contemporary sound.  

04 04.2023 Events, Music

In Conversation: Polish Echoes in Complicité 🗓

Exciting news for theatre fans! The Barbican is hosting an upcoming audio-visual lecture "In Conversation: Polish Echoes in Complicité" presented by the theatre company Complicité in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute. 

28 03.2023 Events, Literature, Theatre