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Premiere of the catalogue “Polish Books for Children & Young Adults 2023”

As is tradition, along with the inauguration of the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Book Institute's catalogue "Polish Books for Children & Young Adults" premieres, presenting excellent Polish books for young audiences that were published last year.

Children’s books are a real “Polish export good” – for many years, works for the youngest created by Polish authors have enjoyed great interest and recognition abroad. They win major industry awards, are presented at prestigious exhibitions, and reach non-adult readers in many corners of the world through translations and foreign editions.

The fourth edition of the “Polish Books for Children & Young Adults” catalogue was created with a view to foreign publishers interested in Polish books for children and young adults. The catalogue presents 30 titles by some of the most outstanding Polish authors of children’s literature and well-known and respected illustrators, many of whom have been honoured with the most important literary prizes and awards. This year, they include Justyna Bednarek, Józef Wilkoń, Marianna Oklejak, Paweł Pawlak, Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel, Marcin Szczygielski, and Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński.

In selecting the books, divided into five age categories, we were assisted by a group of experts – literary scholars, educators, promoters of culture, people who have been contributing to the Polish children’s book market for years. Literature, including literature for the youngest readers, is very often a response to current events, and therefore, this year, we have dedicated a special place in the catalogue to publications that tackle the difficult subject of war and refugees.

The graphic layout of the catalogue was designed by the duo forming the Black Dog Studio, namely Natalia Noszczyńska and Sebastian Łuczywo.

The catalogue ‘Polish Books for Children & Young Adults 2023’ awaits all visitors to the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair at the Polish collective stand organised by the Book Institute.

An electronic version of the publication can be downloaded from the Book Institute website, where previous years’ catalogues are also available.

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