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Polish books available for loan as part of the Eurotoolbox 2023/24

Dozens of exceptional children's titles available for your school or library

EUROLIS’ Eurotoolbox is available for this academic year!

Founded in 2002, EUROLIS is an association of librarians and information professionals from France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain and the UK. They work together to raise the profile of a European library service in the UK, with the primary aim of promoting countries’ literature, languages and cultures.

Eurotoolbox is a resource collection which has been put together by EUROLIS with the assistance of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) in the UK.

Schools and libraries can host the collection for a period of four to six weeks, using the resources as a springboard for activities, discussions or simply to allow their members or pupils to explore the richness of European children’s literature in the original language.

Source: https://www.wydawnictwoliteratura.pl/ksiazki/dla-dzieci/mala-wojna

The 2023/24 theme is science. This year EUROLIS seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of science and innovation among children and young adults. Each language set includes one (or more) book that reflects the theme.

The collection is travelling to schools and public libraries throughout the country. Would you like to host the Eurotoolbox in your library? Then get in touch with EUROLIS, details provided below.

Source: eurolis.wordpress.com

To host the collection at your school or library contact Flore Hodencq of the Institut Francais.

To read more about the project visit the EUROLIS website.

The Polish collection this year includes:

Earth (The Elements Series) by Anna Skowrońska, Małgorzata Nowak and Agata Dudek

Age 6+

In this book you will learn more about earth – as in soil. You will also discover that it is the only skin protecting the Earth – as in our planet. But how was our blue globe formed? How has it changed, and how is it still changing? What treasures is it hiding, and how do they benefit humans? Our planet is crying out for your care and attention – and the first step is knowledge.

Dog City by Nikola Kucharska

Age 3+

Welcome to Dog City. We’re embarking on a guided tour around the Institute of Dog Research, Cheeky Woof School, the Dog Museum and Fort Canine.

Noah’s Ark by Piotr Wilkoń, Józef Wilkoń

Age 3+

Everyone knows the story of Noah, who was instructed by God to build an ark to save the animals from the flood. But how did Noah manage to fit animals as diverse as the rhinoceros and the peacock or the giraffe and the pelican on board? How did the animals cope with being in each other’s company for 40 days? How did Noah know when the flood had passed?

A Fairy Tale of Fear by Agnieszka Jucewicz, Marianna Sztyma

Age 3+

This is a fairy tale for all young people who are haunted by the monsters under the bed and get goosebumps when they hear a noise outside.

Felcia: Sketches with a Sneezing Beret by Paweł Pawlak

Age 6+

A collection of short scenes from the life of an extraordinary girl. Felcia is very sensitive and struggles to find her place in the world around her. Despite her various worries and challenges, she holds her head high and puts on a brave face.

What a Take-Off! A Cartoon History of Aviation by Jacek Ambrożewski

Age 6+

There has never been a history of aviation like this before! Everything that flies – from the first hot-air balloons and hang-gliders to jets, drones and solar- powered planes – in a single, spectacular comic book about conquering the skies.

Between the World and the Underworld by Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo, Nika Jaworowska-Duchlińska

Age 6+

For many centuries, people believed that the world and the underworld were intertwined, separated only by a veil of fog. The underworld could manifest itself in different places and times.

The Little War by Katarzyna Ryrych, Joanna Rusinek

Age 8+

In September 1939, everyone thought the war would only last a few weeks, and certainly wouldn’t reach a small house on the outskirts of Lviv. But the lives of Lilka and her sister have changed irrevocably.

On My Way by Katarzyna Wasilkowska

Age 12+

On My Way is an excellent, engaged text about the problems of very young and sensitive people who become immersed in the world of cyberspace, the latest technologies and ubiquitous computerisation, putting their mental health and personality at risk

The Shadow Catcher by Erna Rosenstein, Katarzyna Walentynowicz

Age 12+

Best known for her poetry and paintings, Erna Rosenstein has also authored some very intriguing fairy tales. The Shadow Catcher is a collection of almost all the fairy tales found in the artist’s home archive.

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