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Songs of Chopin Trilogy – Chopin’s Songs in English Translation

23 unique albums of brand new translations of the best stories and songs from 1000 years of Polish history

The songs of Frederic Chopin, Poland’s most famous son, have never before been performed and recorded in English translation.

In November 2023, on the anniversary of Frederic Chopin’s final public concerts given in London, England, MJ Kazmierski (a British translator born, like Chopin himself, in Warsaw, Poland) is releasing a trilogy of musical compositions based on the complete collected Songs of Chopin in both Polish and English.

This triple SONGS OF CHOPIN VOL I, II & III CD containing more than 200 songs is a world first. Recorded in Kazmierski’s home studio on Joseph Conrad Street in Warsaw, it presents the songs of Frederic Chopin, Elvis Presley and numerous great singers and songwriters from the Baltic region of Central Europe in an innovative, folk inspired musical format.

SONGS OF CHOPIN VOL I / OPERA – CANNONS BENEATH FLOWERS – an operatic libretto set to all 21 songs by Chopin in both Polish and English, narrated by Chopin himself, set in Poland during his lifetime. Recorded on 17 October 2023 by MJ Kazmierski in Warsaw, Poland – the day Chopin died in Paris, France in 1849.

SONGS OF CHOPIN VOL II MUSICAL – THE RETURN OF THE KINGS – starring Frederic Chopin (a king of popular music in the 19th century) and Elvis Presley (the king of popular music in the 20th century, whose ancestors the Pressler family originate from the Great Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth, the capital of which was once upon a time Warsaw, the birthplace of Chopin). Chopin and Elvis banter on stage and sing each other’s songs in English and Polish – a total of 20 songs in two languages.

SONGS OF CHOPIN VOL III / CABARET – ELVIS CHOPIN & THE ROCK & LORE CABARET – a stage play in which Adam Mickiewicz, William Blake, William Hicks, William Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Frederic Chopin, Joseph Conrad, Marie Curie-Sklodowska, Gary Cooper, Brothers Chess, Charlie Chaplin, Leonard Cohen, Noam Chomsky and Jesus Christ all gather to share with the world the story of how the ELVIS CHOPIN & THE ROCK & LORE CABARET show was created. This show is based on 20 albums of translated songs from Poland – full set list under link below.

Find out more: http://www.givetheworld.org  

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