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NEW Polish cookbook to be released in February

Soon to be released: Ren Behan's second cookbook, The Sweet Polish Kitchen

Release Day: 29th February 2024

Pre-order here: The Sweet Polish Kitchen:  A Celebration of Home Baking and Nostalgic Treats

Ren Behan, author, food journalist and solicitor extraordinaire, awaits the release of her cookbook, The Sweet Polish Kitchen. It is her second collection of recipes to be published by Pavilion Books and this time around, she is showcasing 80 recipes for cakes, home bakes and sweet treats.

A mouth-watering collection of home-baked cakes and Polish sweet treats, with an even more delicious journey of exploration; and adding a good dose of well-being and comfort to go with it, Ren takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of Polish delights.

With warming scents and flavours that include honey, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, citrus peel, cherries, sweet whipped cheese – featured recipes include traditional babkas, cheesecakes, tarts and pastries; each served with a side of folklore and a delicious modern twist. Chapters include Polish classics, Layer Cakes and Traybakes, Carnival Treats, Seasonal delights, Pancakes and Pierogi, Bread, Loaves and Buns, and Desserts, Sweets and Preserves.

Source: renbehan.com

“Over the years, I have enjoyed baking and tinkering and perfecting some of my favourite recipes, as well as travelling to Poland in search of something new. This book, is as much of a resource for me as I hope it will become for you,” says Ren.

In her first book, Wild Honey & Rye, Ren took her readers on a journey of discovery through this long misunderstood cuisine. The Polish food scene is changing – the focus is swinging away from heavy dumplings and stews towards lighter, healthier, fresh and seasonal recipes, served in contemporary ways. The recipes in her first collection represent the very best of the Polish kitchen, inspired both by the food of her childhood and by the new wave of flavours to be found in the trendy restaurants, cafes and farmers markets of modern Poland.

Source: Pavilion Books

To purchase the books from all available retailers, see Pavilion Books’ website:

The Sweet Polish Kitchen

Wild Honey & Rye

Ren Behan (née Marczak) is a British food writer of Polish descent, who is constantly inspired by both her heritage and the fast changing food landscape in Poland. Her writing and recipes are an exciting fusion of both traditional and modern Eastern European cuisine. Ren is a mother of three and continues to run her own highly popular blog RenBehan.com, as well as practicing law.

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