7.12.2023 Events, Film

‘HOME’ Film Screening + discussion with director

The film attempts to answer one of the most important questions in everyone's life: what is 'home'?

19:30 (GMT+1) on 7th December at U-jazdowski Kino, Warsaw

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HOME is an attempt to answer one of the most important questions in everyone’s life: what is ‘home’?

The film focuses on family, identity, emigration (through the prism of Polish-Irish, South African and English relationships), as well as the circle of life, death and rebirth. The axis of the film’s story is the home, which binds, gives shelter, in which, as in a cocoon, human lives transform. It is also a “living character” undergoing its own transformation.

The impetus for the film was a seven-year collection of film and photographic footage showing the lives of a handful of people thrown out of their own cultures and homes, who make a home and find love in the home of 90-year-old, bedridden writer Elizabeth, in Hampstead Garden Suburb in north London

The main character of the film is the Narrator – a woman who undergoes a process – a kind of “family setting” together with other residents of the house. They are women from Poland, aged about 40, who ended up in Britain at transitional moments in their lives. They become companions of the bedridden Elizabeth, and under the wings of the house they can finally see and unpack the traumatic experiences they are running away from and put themselves back together.

After the screening there will be a conversation with the director, Mela Hilleard, and Klara Da Costa, curator and director of U-jazdowski Kino.

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