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Podcast about Jerzy Nowosielski with curator and art critic Agnieszka Tes

Hear about trail-blazing painter Jerzy Nowosielski, whose fantastic works combine the tradition of Orthodox icons and Western avant-garde.

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The year 2023 has been declared the Year of Jerzy Nowosielski by the Polish parliament. To mark the occasion, Contemporary Lynx, in collaboration with Kitchen Conversations and with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute London, has created a podcast about this remarkable artist, who is so little known outside Poland.

Host Patrycja Rozwora conducted the podcast interview with Agnieszka Tes – an art historian, critic, curator and painter specialising in the spirituality of abstract art. As the artistic director of the IMO Gallery in Stary Sącz, she recently curated an exhibition entitled ‘Sacrum – Icon – Abstraction. Around the work of Jerzy Nowosielski’. In the podcast, she shares her extensive knowledge of Nowosielski, focusing on how his work inspires and influences future generations of artists. 

Jerzy Nowosielski (1923-2011) was a Polish painter, illustrator, stage designer, philosopher and Orthodox theologian. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding contemporary painters. In addition, his exemplary abstract geometric compositions became famous for combining Christian art and the avant-garde to create a whole new, extraordinary style of sacred art. His art brings together both the heritage and pride of Poland and Ukraine. Inspired by the Byzantine legacy he referred to it both in his religious and secular works. The atmosphere of ambiguity and mystery he borrowed from surrealism. Strong contours, flat forms and the rich symbolism of light and colour come from the icon paintings. Nowosielski’s powerful artistic vision, rooted in the avant-garde tradition, invokes the rich legacy of the Second Polish Republic as well as entire Mediterranean culture: antiquity, Egypt, Early Christian art from the times of the unity of the Church – monuments in Syria, Mesopotamia, Ethiopia, and Cappadocia. His works encompass a wide variety of forms icons, abstraction, nudes,  landscapes, still-lives and much more.

This podcast was created with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute in London and Contemporary Lynx.

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