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The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 

Poland's largest charitable fundraiser which also takes place abroad. Find out more about volunteering opportunities at collection centres abroad.

28th January, Poland & around the world

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is Poland’s largest charity fundraising initiative, which takes place annually nationwide and around the world.

The Grand Finale is a one-day public fundraiser organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Traditionally, the Grand Finales are preceded by online auctions, activities, and events starting in December which are often supported by well-known names and companies, whilst across Poland, on the day of the finale, people can met volunteers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity taking donations into collection boxes and presenting donors with a red heart sticker bearing the logo of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

This year, the 32nd Grand Finale will play on on Sunday, 28th January 2024.

The aim of the upcoming fundraiser this year is raising money for the purchase of equipment for diagnosis, monitoring, and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases among kids and adults.

Altogether, there are 64 respiratory units across Poland. 

The Foundation plans to purchase:

  • equipment for diagnostic imaging, i.a. MRI and ultrasound equipment, 
  • equipment for functional diagnosis, i.a. polysomnographs and portable spirometers,
  • equipment for endoscopic diagnosis, i.a. navigational bronchoscopy systems and bronchoscopes
  • equipment for rehabilitation – equipment for pulmonary rehabilitation used in the treatment of patients after lung transplantation
  • equipment for thoracic surgery, e.g. electrocoagulation systems and cryoprobes.

The slogan of this year’s Grand Finale is: “Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!”

And the motto is: “We are all in tune!”

Each year the massive public charitable collection is organized by almost 1700 Collection Centres, which are the GOCC local hubs of activity.

Collection Centres are staffed with volunteers who take up all initiatives related to the massive charitable collection. 

Collection Centres are located in Poland and abroad. You can search this Collection Centre directory by location or postal code. 

Collection Centres of the 32nd Grand Finale – Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (wosp.org.pl)

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