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Polish Folk Music – new single release by Birmingham-based singer

Karolina Węgrzyn, an established Polish folk singer based in Birmingham, has recently unveiled a single from her upcoming debut album which will include arrangements of mostly Polish Subcarpathian traditional songs

Meet Karolina Węgrzyn – a Polish folk singer from Birmingham who has just released her first single “Rozczesała rozpuściła (Wedding Song)” from her upcoming debut album.

The album will include arrangements of mostly Polish Subcarpathian traditional songs, but also a couple of Ukrainian, Łemko-Rusyn and Macedonian songs.

Listen to the single below. You can also find it on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Karolina Węgrzyn has performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall, Midlands Arts Centre, Moseley Folk Festival, Sheffield’s Migration Matters, and more. She states that as a Polish folk musician, her passion lies in preserving & sharing the rich cultural heritage of Eastern Europe through music and her performances showcase traditional songs from various countries, being imbued with their own unique history and folklore. She believed that music has the power to connect people across borders and she aims to create a sense of community and shared history. Karolina’s goal is to pay homage to the past while also making the music relevant to the contemporary demanding audiences. Her performances vary from the heartwarming tales of love & family to the struggles and triumphs of everyday life.

Happy listening and as the spring approaches, let yourself be carried away by Eastern European folk sounds!

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