Gladius: Canterbury and Krakow Tales

A digital event at the Canterbury Festival 2020.
17 10.2020 31 10.2020 Events, Music, Theatre

Snow Q

A classic fairytale is being re-imagined for the 21st century in a new production
13 02.2020 22 02.2020 Events, Literature, Theatre

Dr Korczak’s Example 🗺

Experience the powerful and enduring true story of Dr Janusz Korczak, a Polish educator and children’s author who believed every child has the right to freedom, respect and love.
25 01.2020 15 02.2020 Events, Theatre

A Deed Without A Name 🗺

A new translation of S.I. Witkiewicz’s satirical thriller at Theatro Technis.
21 02.2020 02 03.2020 Events, Theatre

Jawnuta 🗺

Moniuszko's Opera at POSK Theatre, London
05 10.2019 06 10.2019 Events, Theatre

Solaris 🗺

A new play by David Greig, adapted from Stanisław Lem's novel and directed by Matthew Lutton
12 09.2019 02 11.2019 Events, Theatre


An opera about obsessive fantasies, based on William Wharton’s debut novel.
28 07.2019 Events, Theatre

Sobootka: Poems, Stories and Songs 🗺

Sobootka: Poems, Stories and Songs
22 06.2019 Events, History, Literature, Theatre

Shakespeare and Poland Festival

Shakespeare and Poland celebrates Poland’s particular affinity and fascination with Shakespeare’s plays. The two-week festival embraces live theatre, film, illustration, music and song.
27 06.2019 06 07.2019 Events, Theatre