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Pianos in Jerusalem

Pianos in Jerusalem, centered on the piano and its various styles of expression, will be held again in Jerusalem. This year the festival will be dedicated to polish composer Frederic Chopin, whose 210th birthday is marked all over the world

Pianos in Jerusalem, centered almost exclusively on the piano and its various styles and modes of expression, will be held again at the Jerusalem Theatre in Jerusalem, between November 13-16, 2019.

This year the festival will be dedicated to polish composer Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), whose 210th birthday and 170th death anniversary are marked by music lovers all over the world. Chopin composed prevalently for the piano, and is considered to be one of the greatest composers in history. Along with his works for the piano and piano and orchestra, some of his chamber works will be played as well, as some works by his contemporaries and compatriots. The four days will also see performances of jazz and world music “conversing” with Chopin’s music.

Artists from Poland will participate at PIANOS FESTIVAL: Krzysztof Penderecki, Szymon Nering and The Warsaw Little Dancing Orchestra

 The festival is proud to host Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, seen by many as one of the greatest composers of recent generations. Maestro Penderecki will honor the festival both as conductor and composer. In addition, we shall be proud to host Polish conductor Maciej Tworek, a frequent cooperator with maestro Penderecki, an avid conductor of his works and a prominent interpreter of Polish classical music.

 More information and tickets for Maestro Penderecki and Szymon Nering – the winner of Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition of 2017

 The festival will also host Israeli conductors, among them Noam Zylberberg living currently in Warsaw who will present his: The Warsaw Little Dancing Orchestra – a revival of tangos by Jerzy Petersburski, Moshe Wilensky and other composers, highly popular in both Warsaw and Tel Aviv during the 20th century twenties and thirties.

Mała Orkiestra Dancingowa (Small Dance Orchestra), under the direction of Noam Zylberberg, plays early Polish pop. The twelve-piece ensemble plays the music of 1930’s Warsaw in a nostalgia-free manner, using surviving recordings to reconstruct songs in their original arrangements and perform them, remaining faithful to the original style. The orchestra sees its mission not only in following the original musical style, but also in preserving the music’s original goal by playing mainly for dancing. Based in Warsaw, MOD has played concerts across Poland as well as abroad in Germany, The Netherlands and Georgia. In 2018, the orchestra released its first album.

More information and tickets for The Warsaw Little Dancing Orchestra. 


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