28.11.2019 Music, Theatre

Cezary Goes to War

"Cezary Goes to War" is an autobiographical play by Cezary Tomaszewski, based on the director's memory of recruitment commission, Szostakowicz's "Symphony of War", Moniuszko's patriotic songs and variations on Niżyński's "Afternoon of Fauna" choreography

“Cezary Goes to War”  is an autobiographical play by Cezary Tomaszewski, Polish director, choreographer and performer.

Based on four pillars: director’s memory of recruitment commission, Szostakowicz’s “Symphony of War”, Moniuszko’s patriotic songs (Stanislav Moniuszko Polish 19th century composer) and variations on Niżyński’s “Afternoon of Fauna” choreography.

The oppressive force of the nineteenth-century knight’s ethos cultivated by the education system, the identification of masculinity with war craft, and patriotism with struggle and death in defense of the homeland is juxtaposed with contemporary masculinity in a pacifist and self-ironic way. It is all a clash of ideals with reality creating its own fantasy system. An hour of great, hard work of five performers who are at the same time actors, dancers and singers.

Cezary Tomaszewski was born in 1976, he finished theatre studies in the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw and studied choreography in the Brucknerkonservatorium Linz in Austria. He also graduated from music school and for 15 years honed his vocal skills in Teatr Wielki – the Polish National Opera in Warsaw. He creates both theatre and opera and experiments with classical pieces. Tomaszewski has overtly stated that what interests him in art is “banality”.

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