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Polish SPA Centers

Poland has a long tradition of entire families going to a spa in colorful locations all over the country. Here are some of the most famous spa locations

Poland has a long tradition of entire families going to a spa in colorful locations all over the country.

Actually, this is one of the most popular ways in which Poles spend their holidays.

There are no less than 45 health resorts and spas in Poland offering natural resources and mineral,  thermal waters and mud and salts of various types. 

The tradition developed throughout the years and so did the recognition of the importance of the above resources for man’s health.

Along with the development of tourism spa resorts became a favorite destination for those who were just looking for peace and quiet.

Sick or healthy, adults and young people – they will all find something suitable for them in a spa.

The largest of the spas in Poland is Ciechocinek otherwise known as “the pearl of the Polish spas” due to its abundant brine baths, a unique microclimate

well-suited to treat respiratory ailments. Ciechocinek also boasts of a great many health farms spread all over the city, parks and cultural and entertainment activities.

The most romantic of the spas is Naleczow located in a climate conducive to reduce blood pressure trouble.

Naleczow is very peaceful, offers beautiful and colorful nature and an ancient architecture.

Celebrities favor Szczawno Zdroj which, among others, was visited by Winston Churchill, Joseph Conrad, and the Emperor Wilhelm II. Szczawno Zdroj is one of the oldest spas.

The town is famous for its beautiful architecture, parks and colorful mountains.

We wish you a pleasant and healthy trip!!


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