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The Astronomical Observatory in Troszczani

The Astronomical Observatory in Troszczani is a magical place for all the family - workshops, courses and much more for a different kind of experience

Star Watcher by Troszczani is an enchanted place in the Warmia and Mazury region.

In this place exactly Nicolaus Copernicus explored the secrets of astronomy and here, in 1593, he formulated a new model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at the center of the universe.

The Trosczyny observatory together with the Nicolaus Copernicus Foundation run a number of projects aimed at expanding knowledge of astronomy, space science, astrophysics, sky and earth phenomenons by means of seminars, workshops and activities for adults, children and families looking for a slightly different type of experience. 

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My Internet of the Future – an

A contest that calls participants to express their vision for the future of our digital world. registration by October 8th 2021
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Research in Poland – a new platform

Research in Poland is a new platform aims to promote Poland as an attractive country for conducting research and developing a scientific career to international scientific community
21 07.2021 Science

An academic program calls Polish scientists 🗓

The Polish Returns NAWA Programme calls Polish scientists to return to Poland and to work in education institutions, scientific units or research institutes - applying until 29 July
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