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Slow Cities

The term “Slow Cities” refers to quality of life - a few of them are located in Poland

The term “Slow Cities” refers to quality of life – a few of them are located in Poland. 

Lidzbark Warmiński is one of ten Polish cities boasting of an exceptionally high quality of life.

The idea of “Slow Cities’ is actually a global concept and it gave rise to the global chain of cities that was established in Italy.

The city of Lidzbark Warmiński is also known as the “pearl of Warmia’  – Poland’s northern region called Warmia and Mazury with its thousands of lakes.

This colourful city is situated at the intersection of two rivers and two lakes which creates perfect living conditions for the city’s inhabitants and leisure potential for tourists.

Thanks to its plentiful water resources and the clean air Lidzbark is well-known for its health resorts and the city spares no effort to regain its past fame as a health and wellness paradise.

The city prides itself on a number of impressive spas offering all kinds of therapeutic treatments and thermal waters.

A medieval castle rises in the center of the city.

Noblemen and ecclesiasts used to reside at the castle and it is one of the most well-preserved and beautiful sites which withstood the test of time in this part of Europe.

One part of the castle serves as a luxurious hotel – The Krasicki Hotel – and the hotel itself is a valuable historical asset.

Nicolaus Copernicus used to stay at the castle and a star observatory equipped with two telescopes was installed at the clock tower in the middle of the castle.


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