12.11.2020 - 14.11.2020 Visual arts

Loving Art – Making Art

The annual arts events are held by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality in collaboration with the European Union, where artists from various European countries will present alongside Israeli artists

Loving Art. Making Art” returns to the city on November 12-14!

The flagship events are held for the past 18 years by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the Department of the Arts and present the leading and diverse art in the city.

The main event this year, “Open Skies”, curated by Avi Lubin, will take place in the city center in collaboration with the European Union,

where artists from various European countries will present alongside Israeli artists.

The Polish artist Monika Drożyńska will participate in the events with her work that will be shown at Bialik Square. 

Monika Drożyńska (1979) an artist and activist living in Krakow, Poland, a graduate from Academy of Fine Art in Cracow.

She deals with hand embroidery and fabric that she often links with social events and instalations in public space.

She is the finalist of the following prestigious competitions: “Kulturalne odloty” (Cultural Take-offs, a fellow of the Ministry of Culture as well as of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program.

Her works feature in the Gallery of Contemporary Art “Bunkier Sztuki”, Kraków National Museum, Mocak Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow,

the collection of Deutsche Bank and other private collections. 

Founder of School embroidery for ladies and gentlemen “Hands of gold”. Member of “Hands of Gold” Collective. Works with the Gallery Exhibition Bureau / Polish Modern Art Foundation

The piece-art / flag “TWO” is the form of notes from the times of lock-down. The symbol on the flag is a drawing from the textile.
The drawing represents a familiar sign, in frequent use throughout Polish history, of two fingers outstretched in a gesture of victory, with marked distance between the fingers. The symbol reflects the frustration and helplessness numerous residents of countries throughout the world were plunged into during the pandemic. On the one hand, we felt the need to protest, one the other, this was practically impossible. As many authorities around the world treat the pandemic regime instrumentally, citizens also treat the suggested safe distance instrumentally.
The flags were presented before at: Biennale of Warsaw. Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok and Poznan, European Solidarity Center in Gdansk.

More than 30 projects by artists who rethink the place of art in the public space, its civic or social role and the possibilities it creates to rethink, resist, challenge and drive new ways of meeting, using or being together in the public space.

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During the three days (November 12-14), there will also be one-time and unique art projects in community centers and around the city, and about 150 artists will open their art spaces alongside about 30 galleries and 4 museums, which will be open part of the time free of charge and with special activities For the weekend.

 Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai: “Culture is the lifeblood of the first Hebrew city since its inception, and we are determined to bring the world of culture back to activity. The public consumes a lot of culture and the creators long for exposure, so the activity outside also allows for free access to art – a very valuable action against the background of the economic crisis that has affected so many. “

Among the projects on display: a house on the tree by the artist Hillel Roman on Rothschild Boulevard, a poster campaign (NO) by the Spanish artist Santiago Sierra on Allenby Street, a telescope by the artists Noa Gross and Uri Noam on Bialik / Allenby Street, a cruising maze by the Greek artist Andreas Angelidis in Gan Meir, Sound Work – Good Animals / Bad Animals by the artist Uri Aran in Gan Yaakov and a bicycle bell tower by the Dutch artist Sil Carroll.

The artists: 

Andreas Angelidakis (Greece) * Uri Aran * Yuval Atzili * Aya Ben Ron * Mircea Cantor (Romania) * Monika Drożyńska (Poland) * Lahli Fruheling * Hamody Gannam * Noa Giniger * Sharon Glazberg * Noa Gross and Uri Noam * Jon Irigoyen (Spain) * Michael Kienzer (Austria) * Sil Krol (The Netherlands) * Olga Kundina, Anna Lukashevsky, and Natalia Zourabova (The New Barbizon) * Alon Peretz * Minna Pöllänen * Susa Pop (Germany), Michaela Vieser (Germany), Lila Chitayat and Anat Safran * Stav Porges * Laure Prouvost (France) * Hillel Roman * Miri Segal and Maya Magnat * Augustas Serapinas (Lithuania) * Santiago Sierra (Spain) * Meir Tati * VOID collective * Noa Schwartz 

In addition, about 6 special projects in the public space, community centers and schools will be presented – including “Painters Out” – a professional outdoor painting marathon in Hahurshot Park in collaboration with the Midrasha Gallery – Hayarkon 19, “Advanced Culture – Political Cabaret” In Israel, at the initiative of Studio-Bank, the launch of the year of artistic activity at the GRA Community Center, an exhibition of children’s works at the Frankfurt House, “Yard Game” – works of art in schoolyards, guided tours for groups, and unique activities for children.

“Loving Art. Making Art.” is an initiative of the Arts Department of the Culture Division of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, which is being held for the 18th year. Its challenging production this year joins a string of actions the municipality has taken in recent months – from the outbreak of the corona virus to the present day, to help artists in the city.


Dates and times:

Thursday 12.11.20 at 23: 00-19: 00

Friday 13.11.20 at 16: 00-10: 00

Saturday 14.11.20 from 10:00 to 23:00


There may be changes in the program in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health according to the purple mark due to the limitations of the corona.



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