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The 18th Chopin Piano Competition

The 18th Chopin Piano Competition is starting with 163 pianists from over 30 countries that will be performing at the Chamber Hall of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw

The 18th Chopin Piano Competition is starting on July 12th 2021. 

163 pianists from over 30 countries will be performing at the Chamber Hall of the National Philharmonic in Warsaw.

Initiated in 1927, held every five years since 1955. It is devoted entirely to the works of Frederic Chopin.

12-23 July 2021 – Preliminary Round
2-23 October 2021 – Competition:
• 2 October 2021- The inaugural concert
• 3-7 October 2021 – I stage
• 9-12 October 2021 – II stage
• 14-16 October 2021 – III stage
17 October 2021 – Ceremonies connected with the celebration of the 172nd anniversary of the death of Fryderyk Chopin
• 18-20 October 2021 – Final
• 21 October 2021 – First concert of the laureates
• 22 October 2021 – Second concert of the laureates
• 23 October 2021 – Third concert of the laureates

One Israeli pianist is participating in the competition, 29 years old Eylam Keshet, a graduate of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv, under the guidance of Asaf Zohar, he gained his master’s degree at the Yale School of Music in the US, where he was taught by Hung-Kuan Chen. He is now a student of Claudio Martínez Mehner at the Basel Academy of Music. He has participated in masterclasses given by Andreas Schiff and Murray Perahia. He has performed in many countries, including Israel, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom. He is a laureate of the major piano competitions in Israel. He has worked with symphony orchestras from Haifa, Rishon LeZion and Ashdod. In 2019, Naxos released a CD with his interpretations of sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti.

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About Frederic Chopin:
Born in Warsaw, Frederic Chopin (1810 – 1849) is considered as one of the most brilliant composers in history and one of the most renowned pianists of his time. Known as the ‘poet of the piano’, he left an indelible mark on musical history. Chopin composed his first work, a Polonaise in B-flat minor, when he was just seven, and the following year gave his first public performance in Warsaw.
Although he spent most of his life abroad after emigrating, Chopin never stopped being Polish. This is reflected in his music as he drew inspiration from Polish folk music, especially in his mazurkas and polonaises, and alluded to the political situation back home, as in the Revolutionary Etude. He created over 200 compositions – the most popular ones are Prelude in D-flat major, Polonaise in A major, and Etude in C major.

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