16.11.2021 Literature

Special Event honoring the reprinting of Solaris

Marking 100 years to the birth of Stanislaw Lem, a special event honoring the reprinting of Solaris, his most iconic works

The New Face of Solaris – Marking 100 years to the birth of Stanislaw Lem

Held on December 16 (Thursday) at 19:00 at Beit Ariella Library Tel Aviv the event is part of the European Book Club series.

25 Shaul HaMelech Blvd Floor -1. Admittance is free of charge.

As part of Lem’s Year which was celebrated across Poland, we will hold a special event honoring the reprinting of Solaris, written by Stanislaw Lem and one of his most iconic works

in the outstanding translation by Dr. Aharon Hauptman (Keter Publishing House).

First released in 1961, Solaris deals with humanity coming in touch with a mysterious alien entity. Lem’s most famous work, it was his last book to be translated into Hebrew.

Solaris was adapted to film three times and translated to dozens of languages.

Hosted by TAU Prof. Ilana Gomel, a leading authority on sci-fi, with the book translator (and noted futurologist) Dr. Hauptman and sci-fi publisher Rani Graf of Graf Publishing House.


Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) was a Polish writer of Jewish origin who is seen as one of the greatest writers of science fiction.

Many of his imaginative descriptions became our current reality, which is why he is seen as a sort of “prophet” and his works as so revolutionary.

His works include humor, imagination, and a dash of cynicism. He predicted the world wide web in the 1950’s, digital books, genetics, and even virtual reality.

His mind imagined veganism as a trend, space travel, and even foodies who will post pictures of tasty meals online.

Among his books in Hebrew translation are The CyberIliad, Star Diaries, Congress of Futurologists.

His books were translated to more than 40 languages and inspired the 2002 film by Ari Folman The Congress, and the 2013 Solaris adaptation by Steven Soderbergh.

A film which follows the iconic 1972 Soviet film Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky.


Cover design: Modan Studio/Neema Carmeli Photo by Engin Akyurt/Unsplash




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