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Distant cities – Jacek Dehnel’s poems in Hebrew

A collection of poems by Jacek Dehnel, a recognized Polish poet of the young generation, was published in Israel by the Keshev la'Shira Publishing House in Hebrew, translated by the literary scholar and translator Dr. Hanna Herzig

Jacek Dehnel is a Polish poet, writer, publicist and translator. I fell in love with Dehnel’s poetry – says Dr. Hanna Herzig –

His work is characterized by intelligence, love of life, musicality and harmony.

The book of poetry “Distant Cities” is a selection of Jacek Dehnel’s works from five different publications that have also become bestsellers abroad.

The collection of poems can be purchased in Israel in Tzomet Sfarim and Steimacky chain stores and in private bookstores.

Book review by Ofra Ofer Oren


Jacek Dehnel (born in 1980) is a representative of Polish artists of the young generation. His novel “Doll” (“Lala”) was published in Israel by the Keter Publishing House, translated by Borys Gerus.

The book can be purchased on the publisher’s website. In addition, several of Dehnel’s poems translated by Dr. Herzig appeared a few years ago in the Israeli literary magazine “Hava he’Haba”.

Additional information about Jacek Dehnel

Review on Dehnel’s work in “Haaretz” newspaper

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