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Warsaw Mariupol – new photo exhibition

A powerful photo exhibition presents photographs of the destroyed Warsaw from 1944 alongside the Mariupol region from 2022 with the message being the unchanging aggression between countries

A photo exhibition called “Warsaw – Mariupol – Cities of Ruins, Cities of Struggle, Cities of Hope” has been opened to mark the anniversary of the Russian attack on

Ukraine, It has been opened on February 22, 2023 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center at 22 Yeremiahu St. Tel Aviv

The exhibition, led by the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv, the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel and the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, consists of 16 pairs of photographs

depicting the destroyed Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising in the summer of 1944 alongside photographs from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and the towns surrounding Kyiv,

which have been attacked since February 2022 by Russia led by Vladimir Putin.

The photographs convey a strong and powerful message that expresses the main idea: although several decades have passed since World War II, there is a striking similarity between the

Russian aggression and that of Nazi Germany at that time.

Ambassador Yevhen Kornichuk welcomed the gathered crowd that came to see the exhibition, Mrs. Anna Raduchowska- Brochwicz- the Director of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv- opened the


The event was accompanied by a short lecture by Mr. Dubi Feiner- Israeli photographer, and lecturer, who presented the first usage of war photography in the Crimean War in the past century.

Mr. Dubi Feiner’s photography club- has given the official patronage for the exhibition.

Some of the photos included in the exhibition can be seen on the fence of the Embassy of Ukraine in Tel Aviv, at Yeremiahu St.

The exhibition is open until 22 nd of March at the Ukrainian Cultural Center at 22 Yeremiahu St. Tel Aviv. Every Friday from 10.00- 14.00


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