3.05.2023 News

3rd May – Constitution National Holiday

On May 3, Poles around the world celebrate a national holiday commemorating the adoption in 1791 of the first written constitution in Europe and the second in the world

On May 3, the Constitution National Holiday is celebrated in Poland.

The 3rd May National Holiday is celebrated to commemorate the adoption by the Four-Year Sejm on May 3, 1791 of the Constitution,

which is the most modern and first in Europe, and second in the world (after the American of 1787) act regulating the organization of

state authorities and the rights and obligations of citizens.

The Constitution corresponded to the socio-political postulates of the Enlightenment movement developing in Europe at that time, as well

as the American Constitution adopted a few years earlier.

The May 3 National Holiday was established in 1919 after Poland regained independence, and then re-enacted in 1990 after the fall of

the communist regime.

Since then, this day has been recognized as a public holiday, during which official parades, military ceremonies, sports competitions and

family picnics are organized.

According to contemporary polls, Poles still consider the adoption of the Constitution of May 3 to be one of the most important events in

Polish history.


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