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Related Identities – a new exhibition by the artist Maya Gordon

The exhibition, which will be presented at the University of Haifa, presents the works of the artist inspired by the motifs of childhood, family migration from Poland to Israel, leaving the family home, memories, longing and pain related to those events

An exhibition by Israeli artist Maya Gordon from Poland, entitled “Related Identities”, will be presented at the University of Haifa from May 31 to June 30, 2023.

The curators of the exhibition are Sarmen Beglarian (Polish Modern Art Foundation) and Tadeusz Woleński (lecturer at the Center for Polish Studies in Haifa).

Gordon’s works can be seen at the headquarters of the Interdisciplinary Center for Polish Studies at the University of Haifa, and its opening will take place as part of the conference entitled

“Jewish Experience of Reconciliation in Modern Poland”.

Maya Gordon’s work is filled with threads of constant returns to childhood and youth, as well as the emigration of her family to Israel in 1957, when the artist was 10 years old.

Leaving her family home, memories, smells, loss and pain became the basis of Gordon’s rich artistic creation. In the exhibition presented in Haifa, objects and visual motifs from childhood

become a means of expressing a creative story, like in the popular game for children “Memory”, which requires matching memorized pictures in pairs. Maya Gordon’s drawings show the trauma of

immigration along with the hardships of adapting to a new culture, then compiled with portraits of the artist as an adult and mature woman.

The second part of the exhibition features a series of portraits of the Jewish-Polish writer Zuzana Ginczanka, drawn by Maya Gordon in the interwar period, digitalized especially for the exhibition.


Additional information about the event: hiups@univ.haifa.ac.il

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