5.11.2021 - 30.11.2021 Events, Visual arts

Interspaces: Places

The exhibition by five Polish artist in Manchester.

The exhibition by five Polish artist: Kamila Kasperowicz, Aleksander Ostrowski, Justyna Stefańczyk, Ryszard Pielesz and Wojciech Osuchowski, held at the Polish Centre ‘Wilno’ Manchester in Eccles, will showcase posters, prints, illustrations, and art installation. With the messaging that art is beyond borders, helping to unite people over the separation that is sometimes felt in the world.

The exhibition is a result of the interest in interactive art, which redefined the role of the recipient and the artist, encouraging them to verify their opinions on the status and role of the work itself. The effects of the actions taken are drawings, prints, posters, illustrations, and installations.

The main artistic goal of this project is an implementation of art in different places as examples of different levels of interactivity. An important phenomenon from the point of view of both the creativity and exhibiting of the work is the fact that the interaction may take place on several levels. Artists assume that interaction can also arise between participants, designed works and gallery space, in which the recipient interacts with them.

The exhibition enables the recipient to interact on different levels with artwork from various disciplines of fine arts and design. It’s an interdisciplinary project, which took almost a year to finalise and aims to show people that art is beyond borders, viruses, and the things that feel as though they keep us apart; art is something that unites.


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