A gripping psychological thriller from debut author Aga Lesiewicz
14 01.2016 Books

Behind the Curtain by Andrzej Klimowski & Danusia Schejbal

A portrait of life as an artist behind the Iron Curtain
13 03.2015 Books

The Crime and the Silence by Anna Bikont

'a terrifying and necessary book' - Julian Barnes
10 09.2015 Books

Coming of Age Under Martial Law

The Initiation Novels of Poland's Last Communist Generation
15 08.2015 Books

Locomotive/IDEOLO by Gurowska, Ruszczyk, Tuwim

One of the greatest classic poems for children reinterpreted for adults
22 06.2015 Books

Killing Auntie by Andrzej Bursa

A tale of murder and redemption by 'a literary James Dean of the Stalinist era'
18 06.2015 Books

Black Square by Tadeusz Dąbrowski

Translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
01 05.2015 Books

A Devil Under the Skin by Anya Lipska

Kiszka & Kershaw, Book 3
18 06.2015 Books