The Elephant and the Polish Question by Helen Lynch

Quirky, surreal and self-absorbed Poland of the 80s
11 06.2015 Books

The Book of Aron by Jim Shepard

A heartbreaking novel commemorating the famous Doctor Korczak, saver of children.
02 07.2015 Books

Lives of the Orange Men

A Biographical History of the Polish Orange Alternative Movement
10 07.2015 Books

My Guardian Demon: Letters of Andre Tchaikowsky and Halina Janowska 1956-1982

Star crossed lovers on two sides of the Iron Curtain
17 04.2015 Books

The Naked Heroine. From the French Resistance to the Folies Bergère

The new edition of John Izbicki's powerful story of Lydia Lova
15 11.2015 Books

The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland

By Jan Pieńkowski and David Walser
26 09.2015 Books

The Second Homeland by Anuradha Bhattacherjee

A chronicle of Polish refuge in India
20 05.2015 Books