Released Sounds at the National Gallery in London

Taking inspiration from the classical paintings, musicians Maciej and Mateusz Rychły and Elizabeth Seitz presented 'Released Sounds', a unique event uniting sound, visuals and early music.
22 11.2019 Videos

Czesław Siegieda – Polska Britannica

Pre-order launch of the fantastic photobook
10 02.2020 Books

Dying Echoes: Memoirs of the War 1914-1920

English translation of 1936 book by Stanisław Kawczak
04 11.2019 Books

Performing Poland by Dariusz Kosiński

A fascinating synthesis of the history of Polish theatre from the tenth century to the present day.
14 11.2019 Books

Gifts Without Wrapping

by Michał Choiński
07 11.2019 Books

Jana’s War

by Ania Marzec-Manser and Judy Cumberbatch
31 05.2019 Books

In Sweet Noise: Love in Wartime

American photographer Max Hirshfeld delves deep into the visual memory of the Holocaust to share the story of his Polish parents’ enduring love in a time of war.
01 10.2019 Books

Józef Czapski: An Apprenticeship of Looking

Thoughtful and engaging monograph finally giving a remarkable Polish artist who bore witness to the twentieth century his due.
18 10.2019 Books

Greek Myths and Mazes

Legendary labyrinths and mythologized mazes of ancient Greece by Jan Bajtlik
01 10.2019 Books