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Songs of the Goat in Israel Festival

Songs of the Goat Polish Theater group will participate in the framework of Israel Festival Jerusalem with the performance Songs of Lear, based on Shakespeare’s classic King Lear - a powerful distillation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy
Songs of the Goat Polish Theater group will participate in the framework of Israel Festival Jerusalem with the performance Songs of Lear, based on the classic play Shakespeare’s King Lear.
June 13th 2019 on 20:00
June 14th 2019 on 13:00
The 13.6 show will be followed by a conversation with Song of the Goat’s director Grzegorz Bral (in English)
A special discount for The Polish Institute guests – see details below

…[Songs of Lear] is not only the most deeply affecting show I have seen in Edinburgh this summer, it is also one of the most profoundly moving theatre productions I have ever experienced.”
The Herald, 2012

“If you tune the voices properly, you can hear the ‘fifth voice of angels,” confides one of Songs of Lear’s composers. Indeed, at certain moments in the show, it feels as though angels’ singing drifts through the walls of the theatre hall, engulfing everyone in it.

Based on the classic play King Lear, Songs of Lear mixes movement, sound, singing, music, and text to create a powerful distillation of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. Standing in a choral circle on an empty stage, the Songs of The Goat ensemble disassembles the narrative and interweaves its fragments into a polyphonic vocal performance. The outcome is a profoundly moving musical ritual that unravels surprising underlying rhythms and mysterious energies in the Shakespearian play.

This non-linear dramatic event sets music as the essence through which we experience the interplay between song and word, rhythm and gesture, voice and character. The music leads us to a different sphere, where we not only see or hear but actually feel the play’s dramatic vibration. This compassionate interpretation gets under the viewers skin, presenting Lear’s story like we have never seen it before.

Songs of Lear had its international premiere during the 2012 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, where it received three prestigious awards. Since then, it appeared on the some of the world’s leading stages, including BAM, New York.

60 minutes

A special discount by the code – 1400

Further details and tickets at the festival`s website 

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Photo : Z. Warzynski

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